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Mach FoX
Mach FoX
[Black poetry] djvjgrrl
[Various Artists - Evocation] Evocation - A Collection Of Dark Electronic Music
Evocation - A Collection Of Dark Electronic Music
Peter kind
Peter kind
Sons Of Apache
Sons Of Apache
Sons Of Apache is a instrumental stoner rock band from Normandy, France. Founded in 2010 by Tok (guitar), Zarba (bass, vocals) & Gromano (drums)
Alx artist
Alx artist
[Brain Damage] Visages sur l'écran (remasterisé)
Visages sur l'écran (remasterisé)
[Dave Keifer] B for Breakfast
B for Breakfast
[Bordas] Argentré du plessis 3
Argentré du plessis 3
[Pix] Life Living
Life Living
[ΑΛΓ] Draft 8
Draft 8
[Psychonada] Stop Macron
Stop Macron
Spirit elevating brains
Spirit elevating brains
Fuel For Riot
Fuel For Riot
[Thud.] Avec un point
Avec un point
[New artist] New album
New album
Jupiter Soulfood aka Matthew Exell. With some guitar help from Harringay Gordon.
[Tetraktys] Tetraktys Olds Tech-Trance
Tetraktys Olds Tech-Trance
La Victoria es nuestra
La Victoria es nuestra
'Tienen la fuerza, podrán avasallarnos, pero no se detienen los procesos sociales ni con el crimen ni con la fuerza. La historia es nuestra y la hacen los pueblos.' Salvador Allende, palais de la Moneda, le mardi 11 septembre 1973.
Bonjour . Ces morceaux ont été enregistrés lors d' une émission radio , l' Apérolive , sur www.radiooloron.fr , ou les concerts sont diffusés en direct à l' antenne . La prise de son et le mix sont entièrement réalisés sur du logiciel libre ( Qjackd , Ardour , Calf plugins ) et sur du logiciel à licence restrictive ( Mixbus , Linuxdsp ) grâce à l' excellente distribution Tango Studio (tangostudio.tuxfamily.org/). Merci à Dogmazic de nous permettre de diffuser . Merci et bonne écoute . Chant : N Calmejane , Batterie : H Goillart , Basse et choeurs : R Ayerdi , Guitare : R Anquetin , Guitare et choeurs : JMPC . Prise de son : Fabrice Giannerini / Mixage : JMPC
[Ollie Cram] Rai-Ken
[Fred OSCAR] Fred Oscar
Fred Oscar
[amanyth] Unknown
[The Crevulators] The Crevulators
The Crevulators
Caught in the trenches of a musical crux, The Crevulators step to the top of the muddy hole, guns blazing with their self-entitled debut. The Crevulators can be labeled as several types of music, but the thump of Anything You Want, portrays their rockabilly stylings. As a song about continuing the coolness process, only with guidelines, this band proves how they’ve fought to the top of the heap. The bass sounds of Greg Hillje drive this retro thumper, while drummer Ross Jacobs gloriously hammers away at his stripped down kit. Singer/guitarist, Mike Cobb declares, "I get drunk, I get stoned I’ll do anything I can just to move myself along," in You’d Come Back, as an anti-salute to an empty relationship. This Supersucker-ish heartbreaker is a slamming homage to good ol’ guitar rock. Hung Over, my favorite track, puts me in a psuedo-Violent Femme state of mind. Swearing off never drinking again is commonplace in the rockabilly lifestyle, but The Crevulators help put one of the reasons why we fall off the wagon into perspective. State Of Mine is a hillbilly stomper complete with a fucking mouth harp! I don’t think any rockabilly song has ever been pulled of with one before. State Of Mine guides us through the theory of self-medicating. Creativity has never had it so good. "And when I’m flying high, don’t you know I’m feeling fine and it’s mine all mine", Cobb explains. Gamblers Anonymous would have a field day making Gambler’s Blues their theme song. This hard-hitting, wallet-busting ode to gambling hits home in many ways. The disheveled anarchy of Gambler’s Blues along makes this CD worth buying! From punk to rockabilly, when Cobb describes losing money at a fancy casino and then realizing he should be at a lower stakes joint, we all get the humor. This is one hell of a 5-song demo and is one to own.

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